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Pema Chodron | Weekly Quote

2017-09-04T10:25:24+00:00 Weekly quote|

Instead of asking ourselves, “How can I find security and happiness?” we could ask ourselves, “Can I touch the center of my pain? Can I sit with suffering, both yours and mine, without trying to make it go away? Can I stay present to the ache of loss or disgrace—disappointment in all its many forms—and [...]

Adyashanti | Weekly quote

2017-04-19T14:49:47+00:00 Weekly quote|

'Again, it is the attitude with which we meditate that is important. Are we open? Do we sit with ease? Is our approach very simple? In the words, does our posture allow us to forget the body? Not to dissociate from it, but just to leave it alone?' Adyashanti | True meditation

Gandhi | Quote of the week

2016-10-20T15:59:50+00:00 Weekly quote|

'E' l'azione, non il frutto dell'azione, ciò che é importante. Devi fare la cosa giusta. Potrà non essere in tuo potere; potrà non avvenire nella tua epoca, che vi sia qualche frutto. Ma questo non significa che tu debba smettere di fare la cosa giusta. Potrai non sapere mai quali risultati derivano dalla tua azione. [...]

Pema Chodron | Quote of the week

2016-06-05T15:53:45+00:00 Weekly quote|

ALL THE REST IS WEALTH "What we’re working with in basic meditation practice—and more explicitly in tonglen practice—is the middle ground between acting out and repressing. We learn to see our thoughts of hatred, lust, poverty, loathing, whatever they might be. We learn to identify the thoughts as “thinking,” let them go, and begin to [...]

Pema Chodron | Weekly quote

2017-06-14T13:08:48+00:00 Weekly quote|

WAR BEGINS WHEN WE HARDEN OUR HEARTS This is a familiar scenario in our homes, in our workplaces, in our communities, even when we’re just driving our cars. We’re just driving along and someone cuts in front of us and then what? Well, we don’t like it, so we roll down the window and scream [...]

Yogi Bhajan | Weekly quote

2017-06-14T13:08:48+00:00 Weekly quote|

"Insegnare non significa dirigere o controllare una persona. Significa servire la sua consapevolezza. Non siete insegnanti se fate qualsiasi tipo di discriminazione. State dalla parte giusta dell'insegnamento e permettete allo studente di stare da quella sbagliata, e comunicate." Yogi Bhajan